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Tara Razavi

My name is John Andrew Kirsch. I born on August 22 in San Diego, CA. I’m a Leo. I grew up in Reno, Nevada. I’m six foot six in height. I often get asked how the weather is up here. Funny. I live in Venice, CA.

I’m a college drop out but I’ve never stopped being a student. I’ve made some bad decisions but I’ve made some smart decisions. I’m a Film director, creative director, graphic designer, and photographer. I’m on a constant spontaneous adventure. i laugh. i cry. i fight. i listen. I’ve been in love twice. I’ve broken hearts and I’ve had my heart broken.

My three favorite movies are Fight Club, American Beauty, and Napoleon Dynamite. I go to the movies by myself because I like it.

I’m happy, and I can’t complain about anything. I will never stop growing 🌱

I just thought you should know a little about me.